Friday, August 29, 2014

Music Moment || Tailgate Playlist!

It's that time of year again! Tailgate season!! Or you know, football season if you have a decent team.

My alarm is set for 7:30 am tomorrow and my cowboy boots are itchin' to come out of hiding. Of course the tailgate outfit and libations are important, but a close third is your playlist. In my personal opinion, your playlist needs to be the perfect combination of country, rap, classic rock, and all sorts of pop songs. Basically enough to get you from getting ready to when you hit that wall after the game. So for today's Music Moment I bring you a Game Day Playlist


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Living Room Inspiration

Ah do I really move FRIDAY?! I feel like I have so much to do!  Thanks to Target, Ikea, and I was able to keep all this in a reasonable budget! My new living room is a really pretty green, but I love all sorts of color so this rug was the best way to bring everything together. I'm also pretty lucky and I have two chairs and a sofa that my parents are letting me have, however none of them match so #thankgodforslipcovers.

Rug // Coffee Table // Slip Cover // Ottoman // Lamp // Mirror // Coral Throw Pillow //
Green Throw Pillow // Cream Throw Pillow

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I love award shows, and I may love Seth Meyers a little more. So basically I loved the Emmy's last night. Here are my favorite red carpet looks:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall For- Fall Shoes

I think it's safe to say we've had a pretty mild summer... that was until this week where temps are supposed to be super hot and humid (thanks Kentucky). I'm sure once fall gets here I'll be questioning my sanity for wishing it was cooler, but right now my riding boots and scarves are begging to come out of hiding.
 Check out these shoes for fall that I'm loving right now:
One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting Graphic

I thought I left my affinity for graphic tees back in middle school (bLoNdEs HaVe MoRe FuN!), but I've found myself drawn to them more and more lately. Mainly because they're so versatile. Especially if your workplace is fairly casual like mine. Pair one with crop pants and a blazer for work, throw on your favorite denim shorts for a lazy Sunday, or you can even pair one with skinny jeans and a statement necklace for a night out!

That being said I stumbled upon these cute graphic tees from Riff Raff, and I'm pretty obsessed. However, I was a little disappointed by the lack of Kentucky gear! Regardless, they still have tons of other cute clothes if graphic tees aren't your thing!

One // Two // Three

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tailgate Dresses

Going to UK- football was never really our strong suit. However, our tailgates never disappointed. One downside to having an awful team, besides you know...never winning, is you end up with a lot of noon games. Which means you're getting up at 8 am to tailgate. I think my senior year I woke up earlier for tailgates than I did for class.

Since a lot of my friends are just now seniors and my family has season tickets I'll be in Lex a lot this season for tailgates. Personally I love once it gets a little cooler and you get to wear chunky oversized sweaters, scarves, and boots to game- but in September and even early October it's usually way too hot for that. That being said here are some dresses that are perfect for tailgates:


One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven 
(left to right, starting at the top)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I'm pretty proud of this $15 little project I took on last week. I really want a huge chalkboard in my new place. However, they 're pretty expensive. So here's the story of how I transformed this ugly framed painting from Goodwill to a chalkboard I can't wait to hang in my new place!

Bear with me here, this is really my first craft tutorial so I definitely realize I should have taken more pictures along the way- my bad!
1. Go to your closest Goodwill and find a framed picture. You could also try Dollar Tree, I think they have up to 8x10 frames for just $1. I found this bad boy and paid only $6.50 for it! Next head to Walmart where you'll need to pickup
  • Painters Tape (I already had this)
  • Any color spray paint to use as a base/primer (I already had this)
  • Chalk (there's some for $.47 with all the crayons)
2. Tape off the frame. I already really liked the gold flake of the frame so I wanted to tape it off. If you think you're going to paint your frame another color this step isn't really necessary.
3. Prime or apply a base coat. After reading a handful of other tutorials on working with chalkboard spray paint, I decided I needed to apply a base coat of some other spray paint. I had black on hand so that's what I used. Hindsight 20/20 another color might have been better so I could see where the chalk board paint was evenly applied or not. Do about two coats of that, and let dry.
4. Spray your chalkboard paint evenly.  Hindsight 20/20 again, spray multiple coats, but let it sit overnight or at least a few hours before heading to step numero 5. Using chalk before it actually dries may cause it peel (I had this happen in one spot. I'm impatient, what can I say?)
5. Next you want to "season" your chalkboard. Basically you just rub chalk all over it until it's completely covered to avoid "ghost lines". After that it's ready to use!
The only other problem I found besides being slightly impatient and having slight peeling problem is that the glass can be a tad screechy. Then I remember I spent less than $15 on this so I can put up with it!